Why job ads are an important indicator for the crypto market

Prices on the crypto market fall, the bear market dominates. This negative trend is countered by the increasing number of job advertisements with a blockchain focus. Companies, whether crypto or not, are looking for employees with blockchain skills.

How can this trend be explained and what are the effects on Bitcoin formula in the crypto market?

The trend that job ads in the blockchain area increase despite falling prices shows that the prices of crypto currencies correlate only to a limited extent with the Bitcoin formula adaptation. Here is more info: onlinebetrug.de According to a study by glassdoor, job advertisements containing the terms “blockchain” or “crypto” have risen by more than 300 percent compared to the previous year. In recent months, however, it is not so much the ICO-financed start-ups as the established companies from the non-blockchain world that are looking for blockchain specialists. It is therefore important to differentiate between “token companies” that advertise jobs and DAX companies that hope to increase efficiency through blockchain technology.

More brain fat flows into private blockchain solutions by Bitcoin trader

While crypto start-ups have been launched within a few weeks, the speed of innovation in large Bitcoin trader companies is much slower. When some Bitcoin trader jobs in the crypto-start-up sector were created last year, the companies were rather cautious and only advertised a few block-chain-related jobs. This relationship seems to be changing more and more with regard to the job exchanges, more and more big brand names are being discovered in the job listings. This means that private blockchain solutions in particular are likely to benefit. Less decentralization, no tokens and more central control and scaling are the characteristics demanded by companies. The ideal of the Bitcoin blockchain is filleted by IBM & Co. according to taste and trimmed to company requirements.

At first glance, this development does not really benefit the token economy, quite the contrary: The higher user-friendliness and scaling makes private blockchain solutions particularly attractive compared to truly decentralized token projects, especially in the B2B sector. However, things look different at second glance. In the long term, corporate block chain solutions can also be beneficial for the token economy. Be it through corporate cooperation (e.g. Bosch with IOTA or SAP and Modum) or a higher degree of blockchain socialization as a prerequisite for a more decentralized organization. In this respect, private blockchain solutions can also be seen as an intermediate step or transitional solution to more decentralized blockchain concepts, which ultimately bring tradable tokens back into play and bring capital into the crypto market.

Job advertisements especially with large crypto providers
However, the race to catch up in private blockchains does not mean that there are no job advertisements even for companies with a clear token reference. If one takes the glassdoor study at hand again, IBM takes first place with regard to blockchain job advertisements. Second and third, however, are companies that have emerged from the crypto ecosystem: the Ethereum ecosystem builder ConsenSys and the American crypto exchange Coinbase.

So there are still vacancies in the pure crypto companies. However, the trend is once again towards technology rather than marketing. During the ICO boom, countless marketing positions were created to successfully drum up advertising. Although blockchain companies still have to attract attention, the ICO designation of substantial blockchain companies has led them to pay more attention to content than to packaging. In contrast to 2017, a beautiful marketing concept is no longer enough to convince investors. Whoever wants to get fresh capital today must be able to demonstrate technological added value. Accordingly, most of the advertised positions are in the IT sector.